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We have a simple philosophy within the design department, “do good design”. Our aim is not to please our clients with designs far exceeding their expectations, despite what you might want us to say. In fact, our aim is much higher. Our dream is to carve out a little spot at the top of the design community as simply the best around. With goals such as these, our clients end up pretty happy with the work we produce. Our Raleigh website design team has the experience and dedication to turn your vision into reality.

Proudly show off your website's new design. After all, isn't that the point?

Carolina Reprographics loves its graphic design. We were born for this. No seriously, we were born to design. Our graphic design department consists of people who couldn’t possibly be in any other field of work. We employ artists. We employ creative geniuses. We hire illustration gurus, painters, sculptors, musicians, and all other “artsy” types. We eat, sleep, and breathe creativity. God gives us all talents and gifts, we’re just blessed to have some pretty unique ones. We have the passion and skills required to pull off some of the most unique and creative ideas that you can think of and often times we you probably won't even believe your eyes.

VIEW MOREFor more information regarding our graphic and website design services, setup a time to speak with one of our artists. Our Raleigh website design team would love to hear from you, so don't be shy. No dream is too big. No project is too small. We're thrilled just by the opportunity to get to know you. And exceed every expectation you had, of course. Click the "view more" button for all website designs.

work team

  • Keith Johnson

    President & CEO. In addition to serving as captain…

  • Erik Macenas

    Art Director Erik Macenas is second in command of…

  • Natalie Weiss

    Senior Designer . Born and raised in North Carolina,…

  • Emily Ting

    Production Manager An expert in business development and marketing,…

  • Eleni Kroi

    3D Modeling / Animation Intern Eleni is currently a…

  • Shaun Bales

    3D Modeler / Animator Bio Coming Soon...

  • Chris Florio

    Photographer. Though not an official staff member, Chris is a vital…

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Steps 4 Success


Do the proper amount of research before you begin your small business endeavor. Understand your potential market and identify your demographic.


Establish Your Identity
Choose a business name and keep a domain name for your website in mind. Create a logo and color palette for your branding. Develop a business card or small marketing collateral.


Create A Presence
Utilize Search Engine Optimization. Create social media pages, ie facebook, twitter, LinkedIN, etc. Develop Office signage and/or vehicle graphics.


Attract Customers
develop an advertising plan. Create advertising and marketing pieces  for web and print. Brochures, ads and promo videos. Market within your area.